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TITLE : Medical Expert Testimony

Medical expert witnesses who are available to consult and testify regarding medical issues can be located on this page the professionals found here may consult regarding different specialty areas of medicine anesthesiology cardiology dentaldentistry neurology obstetrics and gynecology obgyn orthopedic pharmacology and pain managementclient testimonials i am so glad i found your your site on line you did everything you said you would do the experts you recommended for my case were topnotch and i am very pleased with the opinions they rendered to help in my casemedical expert testimony is usually necessary to prove negligence in a medical malpractice case and some states require itexpert testimony testimony about a scientific technical or professional issue given by a person qualified to testify because of familiarity with the subject or special training in the field generally speaking the law of evidence in both civil and criminal cases confines the testimony of witnesses to statements of concrete facts within their it pays to learn ahead of time why expert testimony is crucial in medical malpractice cases what that testimony consists of who may serve as an expert and when an expert might not be necessary

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