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TITLE : Polymers In Controlled Drug Delivery

2 polymers for drug delivery sigma aldrich offers a diverse drug delivery toolbox that includes ready to use polymer and nanoparticle chemistriesthis article reviews the state of the art in responsive polymer systems for controlled drug delivery applications the paper describes different types of stimuli sensitive systems and gives an account of their synthesis through methods such as group transfer polymerization atom transfer radical polymerization and reversible addition new materials are enhancing innovative systems currently under development controlled drug delivery occurs when a polymer whether natural or synthetic is judiciously combined with a drug or other active agent in such a way that the active agent is released from the material in a predesignedpolymers have played an integral role in the advancement of drug delivery technology by providing controlled release of therapeutic agents in constant doses over long periods cyclic dosage and tunable release of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugsa srivastava et al 71 figure 3 various drug release mechanisms 5 biodegradable exhibits a wide range of erosion times has tunable mechanical properties

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